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Baan Unrak

CD Cover"Owner Occupier"

Here's your chance to listen to traditional Thai folk songs, sung by the children of Baan Unrak. If you haven't heard the wonderful rhythms and harmonies of the beautiful Thai language, then you don't know what you're missing. It will take you back to your youth and innocence. This is a rare opportunity to get to know a little about their culture, and their arts.

To purchase a CD please send your orders to neohumanist@mailroom.com. The price is by donation, but the shipping and handling are not; that depends on where you live. Remember that all profit goes directly to the NeoHumanist Foundation, and that by listening to these girls you are also helping them to discover a better future.  

This CD makes a great gift for anyone thinking of travelling to Asia, anyone who has travelled in Asia, or anyone who want to know the wonderful voices that make Thailand such a lovely place.

CD Back Cover

A Few Samples:



If You Have A Flower

For Everything There Is Love

Jungle Trip

The Sun Baba Nam


National Song




If You Have a Flower

If you have a flower just bring flower to each other.
If you have a dream just share your dream and let it fulfill.
If anything is lacking just help by giving, filling our dream.
If you have a smile just give the smile to each other,
increasing the close relationship to each other.

The world will be full of happiness and fresh with the encouragement that we have for each other.
The world needs love and understanding.
However we are different, we just have to understand.
Just give to each other today, better than waiting for hope;
so let it form itís shape as how it is in the mind.
If there is no more flower, never mind; flower of the sharing
is still blooming in my mind.

Letís plant the flowers and plant our love together.
Not so long the flowers of love will bloom all over
the field of our heart.

For Everything There Is Love

In everything there is love. In everything love is sharing:
In the tree, in the jungle & on the mountain.
In you, in me, and in us.
Love is giving shade for us to be peaceful.

Jungle Trip

Leaves are falling along, letís get through to jungle
to search for meaning on the way.
From the trees around to the goal that we aimed for:

The high mountain with great value.
The cool fresh stream.
The path is so long but go on.
To the one who has the travelerís mind:

Sun is the friend during daytime.
Moon will be friend when you are going to sleep.
The glistening star in the sky.
The floating around.
The big, small, & tiny animals.
Many are living together.
If you are tired rest your body and mind.
In the jungle thereís still many things for us to see.

Always & forever;
The jungle will offer to us.

The Sun Baba Nam

Sun shining to earth and bring love
& lead our heart to dance
& lead our mind to remember:

That we all human beings are one nation.
That all on earth are brothers & sisters


Flower, flower will bloom.
So pure, so brave, you will bloom in my mind.

White, so the youth will to call on you.
Aim to solve & light their faith;
to learn, to fight the illusion.
Walk ahead toward the people.
We like to sacrifice our life,
to wade through the confusion for the people.
The flowers bloom to give their value;
bloom slowly but very firm.

Here & there; the flesh flower for people.

National Song

Thailand, we join our blood & flesh to be Thai nation;
to be a state. The country belongs to all Thais. We stay strong
to be free because all Thais aim for unity.

The Thais love peace but we are not cowards in war.

We wonít let anyone take away our freedom.

We can sacrifice all the drops of our blood for our nation,
to celebrate Thailandís victory.

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As you will realise, our needs are many and our resources never enough to help all those who need our help. Can you help us to help them? Your purchase of this CD, or donation, or other contribution would be deeply appreciated.

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